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‘Street Smart New Jersey’ aims to educate public about pedestrian safety

The program was started by Kenilworth resident and Elizabeth firefighter Stephen Dunn.

Matt Trapani

Nov 28, 2023, 10:47 PM

Updated 205 days ago


A Kenilworth resident and Elizabeth firefighter is on a mission to promote pedestrian safety around New Jersey.
Stephen Dunn has worked with EZ Ride, the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority and local and county leaders to organize a “Street Smart New Jersey” campaign.
"This is a problem area and we wanted to bring some attention to it and see what we could do to make this area safer. There's also lots of children -- many school busses drop off right at this corner and at the other intersection,” said Lisa Lee, director of Bike and Pedestrian Programs for EZ Ride during a news conference in Elizabeth.
“Street Smart New Jersey” is the first statewide pedestrian safety campaign to educate people about making safety a priority while walking or driving.
Tuesday’s event was in honor of Shlomoh Wohlgemuth, who was killed while trying to cross Magie Avenue in Elizabeth last year.

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