Investigation into slain Sayreville council member shifts to her Newark church

Eunice Dwumfour was shot multiple times on Feb. 1 while sitting in her car in front of her apartment complex.

News 12 Staff

Feb 9, 2023, 11:05 PM

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Questions remain surrounding the shooting death of a Republican Sayreville council member.
News 12 New Jersey has learned that investigators are now focusing on the Newark church that Eunice Dwumfour attended along with Sayreville Council President Christian Onuoha.
Dwumfour was shot multiple times on Feb. 1 while sitting in her car in front of her apartment complex. Gov. Phil Murphy says that he does not believe that the killing was politically motivated. But the Middlesex County prosecutor refused to rule that out.
Democrat John Wisniewski, a former state assemblyman who is also a lifelong Sayreville resident, says that from what he has seen, the motive for Dwumfour’s killing could be about anything.
“She was a treasurer with her church. Anytime that you're dealing with money, sometimes there are people who are not happy,” Wisniewski says. “And the one thing I've learned in my 22 years in public life is that as much as we think we know people, people also have private sides. And they also have things that they're dealing with and people that they're dealing with that none of us know about.”
Dwumfour was heavily involved in Champions Royal Assembly in Newark - a branch of a charismatic Christian ministry that's based in Nigeria. She was known there as Pastor Eunice.
Members of the church have had their modems and phones scrutinized by investigators, according to Onuoha., Dwumfour's running mate.
Both Onohua and Dwumfour were listed as officers or agents on corporate paperwork for Champions Royal Assembly. Onohua says the car Dwumfour was driving the night she was killed was a gift from a parishioner and was registered to a deacon at the church.
Dwumfour was a Republican in a heavily Democratic town who nonetheless found a way to work with the town's Democratic mayor during the 13 months Dwumfour was in office.
Questions have also been raised about Dwumfour's new husband, Eze Kings, who is currently in Nigeria and wasn't expecting to be back until May. Onohua says Kings is not an American citizen, so it's not easy for him to get passage to the United States to lay his wife to rest.

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