Sen. Cryan: News 12 coverage helped speed up Hillside sinkhole construction

Emergency construction is now underway to temporarily fix a massive sinkhole under Interstate 78 in Union County.
State Sen. Joe Cryan says News 12’s coverage of the situation helped to usher in the fix.
News 12 has reported about the Hillside sinkhole for several weeks, along with the conditions and impacts on nearby businesses.
Cryan says engineers have reported the columns of the underpass are structurally sound. But others, including Hillside Council Member Andrea Hyatt, have been worried about even bigger issues in the making.
“I can say for me and some business owners that I've spoken with, we're happy to see that something is being done. We hope that it is to shore up [Interstate] 78 because that was our major concern, public safety,” Hyatt says.
Despite the fixes, businesses in the area will still be affected by the closures. One owner told News 12 that he had to relocate and pay rent at two locations until there is a permanent fix.
Cryan says a bid for the job will go out by the end of the year. Permanent repairs should begin by January or February. Watch drone video above the sinkhole below: