South Brunswick police warn about home, car burglaries following 3 separate break-ins

Another neighborhood in New Jersey is on edge after a string of home break-ins.
South Brunswick police have reported three separate home burglaries over the weekend with high end luxury vehicle key fobs being the target. All three homes were occupied at the times of the overnight burglaries. There is no word if any of the suspects were caught.
Police are reminding residents If you should encounter a burglar in your home:
  • Do not confront the burglar. Your possessions are not worth risking your safety.
  • Do not block the burglar's exit. Burglars most likely want to escape without causing harm.
  • Keep your cell phone always charged and with you, even when within your home.
  • Immediately report any suspicious incidents to police.
South Brunswick police are concerned that occupied home burglaries could lead to a violent confrontation between a homeowner and a thief.
Anyone with video footage of suspicious activity should call the South Brunswick police at 732-329-4646.