Some expected to head out on the roads and airways ahead of Thanksgiving

Some people will head out early on the roadways and airways ahead of Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with their families and friends.
Travel experts say the Thanksgiving holiday travel period this year will be from Wednesday, Nov. 22 until Sunday, Nov. 26 when most people head back home.
AAA Northeast's Robert Sinclair says many are planning to get a head start this year, with some heading out on Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving.
"It's going to be busy," Sinclair says. "About 88% of those who'll be traveling, 88% of the 55 million that will be traveling will be driving to their destination, and that works out to 49 million people will be taking their vehicles on their trips."
As far as air travel, an estimated 30 million people are expected to jam airports throughout the country, even though stormy weather is already expected.
The TSA says that's an 11 1/2% increase over last year. For those who still insist on driving, there won't be that much of a pinch to their pocketbook.
"We're about anywhere from 30 cents to 60 cents cheaper in the tri-state compared to last year," Sinclair says. "I think it's also telling that demand for gasoline is less this year with cheaper gasoline compared to last, about 3% less than a year ago."