Police: Masked suspect robbed Jersey City deli 3 times in 6-day period

Police say a masked man terrorized a deli owner in Jersey City by not just robbing him once, but came back four other times in 11 days.
Authorities say the suspect was successful in three attempts within a six-day period, before he was caught during his fourth attempt on day 11.
"I was so surprised! I never had anything like this happen!" said Augie Lopez, the owner of Augie's Deli Grocery.
In his 32 years running the business on Old Bergen Road, this was a first.
Surveillance from Jan. 10 shows the masked man coming behind the counter and charging at the 77-year-old Lopez.
"He came on top of me and he's banging me. And I'm saying to myself, 'What the hell is going on?'" Lopez recalls.
The suspect also stole a few cigars, But it wasn't enough.
He came back five days later knocked Lopez to the ground and got away with cash. Then he returned the very next day.
"This time he jumped over the counter. This time he came after my wife. My wife was here, I was standing in the back," Lopez says. "My wife was trying to pepper-spray him. But he didn't stop. He kept on pushing."
The suspect again took more money.
Then, for the fourth time in 11 days, he came back.
"This time, he jumped over the counter, but this time he got a surprise," Lopez says. "We had a police officer here, and the police officer identified him, and he took off. The police officer went after him. And my son that's a police officer also, he was outside, and they grabbed him."
Lopez says he doesn't recognize the suspect and doesn't know why he kept targeting the deli.
"It's very traumatic. Now I see every guy with a black mask coming in and I think they're all coming for the same thing, you know?" Lopez says.
Lopez says he still has bruises all over his body and praises the Jersey City Police Department for continuing to check on him.