Morris County woman sues McDonald's for hot tea burns

A Morris County woman has sued McDonald’s for burns after she said scalding hot tea spilled on her in the drive-thru two years ago.
According to the lawsuit, Stacey Crisman, of Kenvil, visited the McDonald’s on Route 10 East in Succasunna back in January 2022. She claims she was severely burned her legs after being handed the hot tea with an unsecure lid.
The lawsuit states the hot tea spilled on Crisman's body, clothes and lap. She says she is still left with scars and discolored skin on her legs and blames the restaurant of negligence.
As a result, the lawsuit states Crisman sustained and suffered personal injury, has experienced and will continue to experience pain, suffering, disability, has been prevented from and will continue to be prevented from performing and engaging in everyday activities. The lawsuit also say she lost the enjoyment of life and has sustained economic damages.
In a similar case, a Newark woman sued the fast-food chain back in December 2023 and said she suffered burns from hot tea spilling on her.