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Mayor wants Shamong Township to be ‘pot capital of New Jersey’

Shamong Township Mayor Mike DiCroce says that he has plans to make sure his town gets involved in the recreational marijuana b

News 12 Staff

Nov 19, 2020, 1:02 AM

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The mayor of a Burlington County town wants to put his town on the map – for weed growing.
As New Jersey lawmakers continue to work out the details for the state’s legal marijuana industry, Shamong Township Mayor Mike DiCroce says that he has plans to make sure his town gets involved.
“I get calls every day. So, there's a lot of interest in this. It's a product that can be manufactured safely here and that can benefit our community in the long run,” DiCroce says.
The mayor says that he wants Shamong Township to be the center of the Garden State’s new cannabis industry. For two years he has been trying to tell local farmers on the idea that they could grow marijuana and be a part of that industry.
“So, I would plug you in with some first-class distributors who already have a market. You're the guy who’s gonna grow it, you know how to grow it. They know how to move it. I don't know how to grow marijuana, you know how to grow,” DiCroce says.
DiCroce says that he plans to attract 10 farmers, lend banking assistance and other guidance and create scores of new jobs and help the town cash-in on the marijuana tax revenue to help lower property taxes in the town.
“The goal is to make Shamong the pot capital of New Jersey, where we grow it here and we ship it everywhere else,” DiCroce says.
There are about a dozen cultivation operations in New Jersey, but they are currently for medical marijuana only.

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