New Jersey veterans paired with service dogs to cope with PTSD

Army veteran James was paired with his service dogs through the group K9s for Warriors.

Karina Gerry

Nov 9, 2023, 3:33 AM

Updated 163 days ago


American veterans are honored on Nov. 11 for Veterans Day, but there is often not enough talk about some of the issues veterans are dealing with like post-traumatic stress disorder and other trauma.
“We see the things and do the things nobody should ever have to see,” James, a Wall Township resident and Army veteran explained.
James came home from Afghanistan with severe PTSD. Through the organization K9s for Warriors, he was able to get a service dog for free. His first dog Bernie was a yellow lab, who passed away in March. Two months later, James was paired with Scottie, a black lab who has been by his side ever since.
U.S. News and World Report states that between 11% and 20% of veterans who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan came home with PTSD.
“PTSD really, it manifests itself differently with veterans," James said. "Everybody has a unique experience, but it is having been a witness or participant in things people shouldn’t have to see or do.”
More information about the K9s for Warriors organization can be found HERE.

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