Man sentenced to 20 years for beating inmate with microwave at Essex County Jail

Byad Lockett is one of three men convicted this past June in the beating of Jayshawn Boyd in 2021.

Chris Keating

Sep 6, 2023, 9:06 PM

Updated 321 days ago


A man convicted of using a microwave to beat an Essex County Jail inmate was sentenced Wednesday to 20 years.
Byad Lockett is one of three men convicted this past June in the beating of a fellow inmate at the Essex County Jail. The 20-year term will be added onto the 12 years Lockett is already serving for his involvement in a 2018 drive-by shooting.
In this case, Lockett was convicted of attempted murder for his involvement in the assault, which took place in 2021 at the Essex County Jail.
The assault was captured on surveillance video. It shows several men, including Lockett, attacking Jayshawn Boyd.
After Boyd is seen lying on the ground unconscious, Lockett hits Boyd over the head with a microwave oven and broomstick. Boyd was severely injured.
Superior Court Judge Ronald Wigler explained his sentence by pointing out Lockett was a risk of offending again and was not at all remorseful in the attack. Wigler stated in court, “It was barbaric. It was inhumane what you did to Mr. Boyd.”
Wiglers presided over Lockett’s trial. When the surveillance video was played, the judge said he intentionally looked at Lockett.
“Each time that video was played, you were smirking, you were smiling, you were enjoying what you were watching,” Wiglers said.
The victim and his mother decided not to show up for the sentencing, fearing for their safety. Instead, Boyd’s mother sent a letter to the court saying she believed the defendant should be given a life sentence.

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