HEAT ALERT: New Jerseyans deal with sweltering temps during Monday commute

Temperatures reached the upper-90s across New Jersey on Monday, making it difficult for those who must rely on mass transit to travel. The heat can make the commute uncomfortable and potentially dangerous.
Officials with New Jersey Transit and health experts say that riders should drink plenty of water and remain out of the direct sunlight while traveling.
NJ Transit also suggests that customers use the mobile app so that they have the most up-to-date information about scheduling. This will help riders avoid having to wait out in the heat if there are any delays.
News 12 New Jersey found at least one customer who was doing just that.
“I use my smartphone to see how long I ha e to wait for the trains since it's really, really hot,” says commuter David Zapata.
Zapata says he also makes sure he carries a lot of water with him to stay hydrated.
NJ Transit says that there is air conditioning on buses, trains and inside the agency's facilities.