Detention hearing postponed for Florida woman accused of killing sister in Little Ferry

The detention hearing for Angielly Dominguez, the Florida woman charged with driving to New Jersey, then shooting and killing her sister, has been postponed until Monday.
Dominguez was originally scheduled to appear Wednesday morning in court at the Bergen County Courthouse in Hackensack.
The warnings about Dominguez were first made to Jacksonville, Florida police Monday by her fiancé, Tony Miranda. He told police Dominguez stole his white Mustang, plus several of his guns, and started driving north on I-95. Miranda says he also told them she has serious mental health issues.
"They told me because she's my girlfriend and you've been together for three years and she is pregnant with your child it's not necessarily stealing the items,” says Miranda.
Miranda was tracking her phone through GPS, and when he saw she was on the New Jersey Turnpike, he called his sister, Gretchen, in Bayonne. She says she contacted the Bayonne police about the car with Florida plates, but says the officers said there was nothing they could do. 
Both believe the murder of Omelly Dominguez could've been stopped. The 21-year old was studying at William Paterson University to be a nurse.  
She was apparently shot in the head by her sister inside the family home. After the shooting, Dominguez was found driving south on the Turnpike where she was pulled over and arrested.
Jacksonville police say they're pulling body cameras from officers Miranda spoke with. They're also reviewing how officers handled the case.