Fiancé of Florida woman who allegedly killed sister in Little Ferry tried to warn police prior to crime

Two police departments are conducting internal investigations to determine why officers did not act on a tip that a pregnant Florida woman was driving to New Jersey in a car loaded with weapons.
Police departments in Bayonne and Jacksonville, Florida were warned that Angielly Dominguez was heading to New Jersey and was armed. Angielly Dominguez is now facing charges for allegedly killing her 21-year-old sister Omelly Dominguez in front of their teenage brother.
Angielly Dominguez’s fiancé Tony Miranda originally warned police about Angielly on Monday after she allegedly stole his car. Miranda says that the response was less than helpful.
“They told me because she’s my girlfriend and [we’ve] been together for three years and she is pregnant with [my] child, it’s not necessarily stealing the items,” Miranda says.
Miranda says that he told Jacksonville police that Angielly stole his white Mustang, along with several of his guns and started to drive north on Interstate 95. He also told police that she apparently has serious mental health issues.
Miranda was tracking Angielly through her phone’s GPS. When he saw that she was on the New Jersey Turnpike, he called his sister Gretchen Domenech, who lives in Bayonne.
Domenech went to the Bayonne Police Department to warn them about Angielly. But she says that officers did not act.
“Like, what can we do to figure this out? And the cop was like, that’s not their problem,” Domenech says.
Miranda and Domenech say that they believe that Omelly’s death could have been prevented if officers took their concerns seriously.
The 21-year-old was studying at William Paterson University to be a nurse. According to a criminal complaint, Omelly was shot and killed inside the family home in Little Ferry.
The complaint states the sisters’ teenage brother was home at the time and overheard the sisters “engage in a verbal disagreement over money.” He then heard a gunshot, according to the complaint.
The brother told police “She’s inside. She’s shot,” according to the complaint.
Omelly’s body was found slumped over the couch on her right side.
After the shooting, Angielly was allegedly found driving south on the Turnpike. She was pulled over and arrested. She is now being held at the Bergen County Jail. A first court appearance is scheduled for Monday.
Jacksonville police say authorities are pulling body cameras from the officers Miranda spoke with. They are also reviewing how officers handled the case.
A GoFundMe Page for Omelly's family has raised more than $48,000.