Authorities: Pregnant woman from Florida drives to NJ, fatally shoots sister

A 21-year-old woman was found shot to death inside her Little Ferry home on Tuesday. Authorities say that the victim’s pregnant sister is the alleged shooter and is now facing charges.
The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office says police were called to 7 Sandhill Court Tuesday afternoon for reports of a stabbing. Officers then found Omelly Dominguez dead from apparent gunshot wounds.
The search for a suspect ended on the New Jersey Turnpike a few hours later when state troopers pulled over 27-year-old Angielly Dominguez. She allegedly drove up from Jacksonville, Florida, where she lives to commit the crime. Police say she was allegedly driving her fiancé’s white Mustang, which he reported stolen on Monday. Troopers found five guns inside the trunk of the car.
News 12 New Jersey has learned that law enforcement officials were apparently warned by a relative that this alleged crime could happen, but did nothing to stop it.
Gretchen Domenech says her brother is engaged to the suspect. She tells News 12 that she tried to warn the police.
“At 7 a.m. [my brother] shoots me a text telling me [Angielly Dominguez] hit New Jersey,” Domenech says.
Knowing Angielly had guns in the car, Domenech say she went to the Bayonne Police Department at 9 a.m. on Tuesday.
“I’m telling them, ‘Listen, my brother’s girlfriend – fiancé – still his car with guns in it. She just hit New Jersey. What can you do to help me?’” Domenech says.
She says she was disappointed in the police officer’s reaction.
“Instead of the cop asking, ‘OK, do you have a license plate? Do you know where she is?’ No information. He was very like if I was bothering him,” Domenech says.
Seven hours later, Angielly would allegedly shoot her sister to death.
“It’s very sad that situation that she shot her sister. But I think it could’ve been prevented,” Domenech says.
She says her brother contacted Jacksonville police on Monday, knowing that Angielly allegedly had weapons in the car and had been dealing with mental health issues. They also did not respond.
News 12 New Jersey reached out to the Bayonne Police Department for a statement, but did not hear back.