Authorities: Couple ate food, had sex during burglary inside New Jersey home

A brazen burglary in New Jersey led to a tri-state manhunt for a Pennsylvania couple, coming to an end over the weekend in Orange County, New York.
The burglary happened Friday night on Cedar Street in Englewood.
According to investigators, Alex Yeakley and Amanda Lentz broke into the home while a babysitter was home watching the family's young child.
Authorities tell News 12 the couple helped themselves to the family's food and belongings, even taking a shower and possibly having sexual intercourse inside the home.
Police say the babysitter heard Lentz on a baby monitor in the child's room while the baby slept and at first thought the homeowner returned. Instead, the babysitter found Lentz inside.
Police say the couple then left their own car behind and took off in the homeowner's Lincoln Navigator while the babysitter called for help. Police tracked the couple down 50 miles later in Blooming Grove, New York through a stolen iPhone. Reaction to their arrest included outrage over the crime, and gratitude for their arrest.
"Kudos to police! They're catching people like that and getting them off the streets,” says Erich Johnson, of Blooming Grove. “God Bless!"
The couple faces criminal charges in Newark and New York.
It's not clear why the couple was in New Jersey. They are behind bars at New York's Orange County jail.