Travelers say they feel trapped at Newark Liberty amid flight delays, cancellations

Some travelers who waited hours on the runway are now being told it could be days before they can catch a flight back home.

Matt Trapani and Eliecer Marte

Jun 27, 2023, 9:58 AM

Updated 354 days ago


Travelers have been venting their frustrations as they wait at Newark Liberty International Airport amid delays and cancelations caused by Monday’s bad weather.
The airport experiences some of the highest number of delays and cancelations over the last two days due to weather, with hundreds of flights delayed or canceled.
The disruptions of flights are making travelers impatient, anxious and frustrated.
A Mahwah family tells News 12 New Jersey that they were supposed to catch a plane to Chicago to celebrate Eid. Their flight was canceled, so they decided to rent a car and drive out to Illinois.
“My sister went down to see options for a car. It’s about a 10 hours' drive with family, a big group. It is going to be frustrating, of course. I prefer airplanes,” says Madiha Salem.
Other travelers have taken to social media to vent to their airlines.
One traveler wrote on Twitter: “For the love of God @United, please help the thousands of people stranded at Newark airport with no idea where their bags are.”
Travelers are urged to contact their airlines to find out the exact status of their flights for the next few days.

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