‘The stats match the concerns.’ Homeowner calls on News 12 for help with dangerous intersection

According to police records, there have been 29 crashes, 38 injuries, and 36 summonses at the Manchester Township intersection since 2017.

Jim Murdoch

Jan 23, 2024, 10:43 PM

Updated 140 days ago


A frustrated homeowner in Ocean County reached out to News 12 for help – after more than two dozen crashes happened right in front of his Manchester Township home since 2017.
Kyle Negron lives at the intersection of Commonwealth Boulevard and Beacon Street.
According to police records, there have been 29 crashes, 38 injuries, and 36 summonses written by police resulting from those wrecks since 2017.
“My fear is that a car is either going to hit my house or it’s going to hit someone who is here,” said Negron.
A News 12 crew and members of the Manchester Township Police Department met with Negron and watched as officers pulled over no less than six vehicles for speeding on Commonwealth Boulevard in just 90 minutes.
“The stats match the concerns. We have an increase in traffic accidents lately, speeding and other violations have increased,” said Lt. Antonio Ellis.
The intersection at Beacon and Commonwealth falls under the jurisdiction of Ocean County, any changes to safety features would have to be approved by them, following a lengthy police investigation.
“We almost have like PTSD from this corner…Anytime we hear something we’re just like, ‘It must be an accident again,’” explained Negron.
Police began a traffic study, a process that takes several months. Investigators will comb through crash data, monitor visibility and sight lines and make any recommendations to the county level.
“I’ve been out on the scene, I’ve called 911, I've been making sure everyone is safe. But I should not have to worry about that being a homeowner on the corner. That’s what I must do when I hear something, I have to run out and make sure everybody’s OK,” Negron said.

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