Tenants: Newark apartment without running water for 5 days

Dozens of residents of a Newark apartment building say they are living without running water.
Tenants at 244 Roseville Ave. say the landlord is not only putting their lives at risk but also the lives of their children.
The tenants claim that for the past five days, they have been filling up buckets of water to bring into their apartments from the ground level. Others say they are buying bottles of water. Some say they can’t use the bathroom or even do the dishes.
According to Emilio Gomez, the building’s superintendent, the landlord is on vacation but has authorized him to take care of it. He said it would be resolved by Friday.
But tenants were not happy.
“It has been five days. I can’t take a shower. Yesterday I almost passed away,” says tenant Rose Marice.
She is a mother of two and expecting her third in a few months.
Other tenants say using the bathroom is a major problem.
“Feces piling up on top of feces, you can’t flush the toilet,” says Malaysa Johnson, another resident of the building.
The city of Newark told News 12 that the water has not been shut off in the building. And that this problem needs to be fixed by the landlord.