Student volunteers gather to pick up trash alongside NJ colleges

A few dozen young volunteers gathered Sunday to cleanup the surrounding area near New Jersey City University.
They say it's an effort to help the environment and reduce crime.
The helpers are part of a university volunteer program called ‘Saving the Earth from A to Z,’ or ASEZ. They picked up trash and debris outside of their college on JFK Boulevard and made their way to Audubon Park.
"Research says even reducing graffiti on walls can reduce crimes,” says student Cindy Alviar. “Working together in unity, we can make an impact. Especially as a young person, we can be the leaders of the future to give hope."  
The local cleanup event is part of a worldwide movement called "Reduce Crime Together."  
Organizers say volunteers in 175 countries were also working Sunday to raise awareness about how to reduce crime.
Another cleanup was held at Fairleigh Dickinson University, along the Hackensack River Pathway.