State police: Traffic fatalities on the rise across New Jersey this year

Data shows, Atlantic, Essex and Middlesex counties have the highest number of fatalities.

Amanda Eustice

Jun 24, 2024, 10:08 PM

Updated 17 days ago


New Jersey State police say that traffic fatalities are on the rise across the state. They say that there have been 305 deadly crashes in New Jersey in just the first six months of 2024.
Twenty-two people have died in crashes so far this year in Essex County - one of the highest amounts in the state.
“I think it's a high number. I think we should be more careful and respect the roads," said Maria Offreda, of Bergen.
Data from New Jersey State Police shows that the fatalities include 164 drivers, 39 passengers, five cyclists and 97 pedestrians - with the highest number of fatal crashes occurring in Middlesex and Atlantic counties. That's more than a 20% increase from this time last year, according to state police.
Drivers believe the increase in numbers has to do with more people being distracted behind the wheel.
"I keep my eyes in the back of my head and on the side of my head. You can't use the phone. You can't put your makeup on. You can't be reading a book, which I have seen. You just can't,” says Offreda. “You just have to be careful. You just have to really look and you can't be distracted.”
"Right now, everybody's relying on technology. I don't think technology is the best way. It maybe can help, but on all of it, it gives you at some points maybe the blindside, the pedestrian, but either way you still have to be looking at the signs and looking at the road," said Nixon Molina, of Newark.
According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, the increase in New Jersey crash deaths mirrors the numbers nationwide.

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