State data suggests number of car thefts in New Jersey is reaching epidemic proportions

Data suggests that car thefts in New Jersey are at epidemic proportions.
Every day, 44 cars of various makes and models are stolen in the state of New Jersey, according to the state Auto Theft Task Force.
Local police departments tell News 12 New Jersey that home invasions have become commonplace as a result, as car thieves break in to get at key fobs for the vehicles.
Wall Township authorities say they have had 21 car thefts this year. The most recent was on Sunday when a thief climbed into a window to get the key to a Porsche Cayenne in the driveway.
“The actors went in, found the keys to the car on the kitchen counter along with the homeowner's wallet, went out and took the 2020 Porsche SUV,” says Chief Sean O’Halloran. “They came to our area in a stolen 2015 Hyundai, which they left at the scene.”
O’Halloran says he will be hosting a town hall meeting on Wednesday to discuss these thefts and he will have suggestions for homeowners.
“Please lock your cars, lock your doors and if you see anything suspicious, call police immediately. Do not make contact with these people,” the chief says.
That car theft on Sunday morning came just days after police announced the arrest of a suspect wanted in several car burglaries and a car theft in Wall.
Another township dealing with car thefts is Edison. The police chief there has just created a task force to combat car thefts.
He plans to have his officers heavily patrol areas around entrances for the Garden State Parkway, which is being used as an easy getaway.
“If these criminals are going to come into Edison, they’re going to have a hard time. We are out there in droves,” says Chief Tom Bryan.
Often these stolen cars are being sold for parts, sent on container ships to be sold in Africa or even rented out, according to police.