Police search for more suspects accused in series of burglaries in Brick, Wall townships

Police say the same crew targeted homes in Brick Township and Wall Township in September.

Chris Keating

Oct 23, 2023, 9:33 PM

Updated 270 days ago


News 12 has previously reported about the arrest of a man wanted in connection to several burglaries and car thefts in Wall Township. That suspect, Ahmad Singletary, was also accused of a number of thefts in Brick Township.
Police say the same crew targeted two homes on Royal Drive. It’s an area tucked away along a lagoon in Brick Township and is not easy to find.
Singletary, 24, of Newark, is facing charges for this stretch of burglaries and car thefts in late September.
Police believe Singletary had at least one accomplice while targeting homes in Brick and Wall Township.
Police have alleged that the accomplice is Kevin Yuille, who is still wanted by police. While on Royal Drive, neighbors say the crew stole one car and targeted another home with high-end cars parked out front.
Police were able to spot Singletary on home surveillance video walking around that home with a mask on and a gun in his hand. The family was inside at the time of the attempted break-in, according to the police.
Also in late September, Wall Township police say a car was stolen, there was an attempted home invasion, and several cars were broken into.
Joe McGowan lives next door to the Royal Drive family that Singletary allegedly targeted. McGowan has already installed a surveillance camera on his garage since getting a call from his neighbor about what happened.
“We just said if something else happens, we would be able to help if there was an investigation. If we could supply video of who was on the street," McGowan says.
Police are still searching for Singletary’s accomplices.

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