Soccer fans gather at Hoboken hotel where Lionel Messi is staying ahead of upcoming game

Fans hoped to catch a glimpse of Lionel Messi at a hotel in Hoboken where he is staying ahead of an upcoming game.
The international soccer superstar and his new team Inter Miami are set to play against the Red Bulls on Saturday. However, multiple reports say he may not end up playing because he needs rest. The World Cup winner will decide after Friday night’s practice, according to managers.
Messi was greeted by eager crowds of fans when he pulled up to the W Hotel.
"We’re all here today to hopefully catch a glimpse of Leo Messi. It would just be a good experience to see him in person,” said fan Phillip Chen. "I’m hoping to actually get a signature… I’ll probably tattoo it."
"I'm going to stand in the rain, and I'm hoping to get a selfie with the guy,” said Mike Van Duyne.
"I live a few blocks away. I actually just rode my bike right over hoping to see Messi,” said Jake Laifer.
Fans saw the team bus leaving the hotel at one point on Friday morning and again in the afternoon. However, fans say there have been no sightings since then.
Tickets for the game are currently topping $400, which is a major jump from the typical $20 ticket and a sign of Messi’s impact on U.S. soccer ticket sales.