Several MVC locations reopen, while another closes due to coronavirus outbreaks

The Motor Vehicle Commission's Runnemade Center reopened Monday after being shut down for two weeks due to an employee testing positive for coronavirus.
The Eatontown MVC location also reopened Saturday after a confirmed positive coronavirus test
The Cardiff Licensing Center will reopen this Wednesday, and the Manahawkin location will reopen in a week.
Despite the reopening of some MVC locations, some residents are frustrated after waiting hours in the cold and rain. Toms River resident Connor Sayers says he waited in line for seven hours and that the locations should have appointments.
"Schedule appointments," Sayers says. "Have a certain number of slots per day, then move to the next day rather than have everyone wait all night."
In a week, 11 MVC locations will switch to an appointment-only system designed to eliminate the long lines.
In the middle of the several reopening, the Rahway Licensing Center has closed. It is set to reopen on Nov. 5.