Rideshare drivers to hold strike on Sunday

On Feb. 26, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance – which says it has about 25,000 members – will be holding a strike where drivers who work for Uber and Lyft will not pick up rides from LaGuardia airport from noon to midnight.

Natalia Ryzak

Feb 24, 2023, 9:14 PM

Updated 516 days ago


If you are traveling to and from LaGuardia airport Sunday, you may want to get your carpool plans in order.
Rideshare drivers, demanding higher pay and better job security, will be holding a strike.
“Believe me, if we pay our insurance, our car payments, our repair, our everything after paying, we're not even getting $5 to $10 an hour which is so unfair – the minimum rate is now $15,” said Nusrat Jahan, a driver with Lyft and Uber.
It’s an ongoing battle. Back in November, The Taxi and Limousine Commission approved both fare hikes for Yellow Cabs and that Uber and Lyft would also have their per minute and per mile rates rise, but a judge blocked the pay increase after Uber sued the TLC.
Now with inflation, some drivers say their peers have had to resort to finding other work.
"At the end of the day, you have to pay your bills, take care of your family,” said Jahan, adding, “That's why I would say if you don't take care of your drivers there will very soon be no driver and no Uber or Lyft.”
Still, the drivers say they are hopeful that the issue will be resolved. “We love our work. We invested our money in business and we want to work, so help us to get what we deserve,” said Jahan.
The TLC is expected to hold another hearing on March 1 about raising these rideshare rates.
News12 reached out to both Uber and Lyft. In a statement, Uber said that on Feb. 1, drivers got their third mandated raise since 2020 and make $31.66 an hour adding, “this is the only industry in the state with a yearly required increase tied to the rate of inflation, while minimum wage workers have not had one raise since 2018.”
While Lyft said, in a statement, "The TLC’s proposal includes changes that will ensure fairer competition within our industry. we are appreciative of them listening to our concerns and look forward to continued engagement on ways we can improve rideshare overall."  

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