Request for sidewalk along Clinton Avenue in Ridgewood upsets some homeowners

Parents with students at neaby Ridge Elementary School say the roadway is dangerous and they fear for their children’s safety.

Chris Keating

Mar 8, 2024, 10:34 PM

Updated 42 days ago


The potential for one sidewalk on Clinton Avenue in Ridgewood has become a rather polarizing issue.
It’s pitting long-time residents who live along Clinton Avenue, who don’t want the sidewalks against parents of nearby Ridge Elementary School who are looking to make the road safer for their kids.
Every day, before and after school, a “Do Not Enter” sign goes up on Clinton Avenue. It’s been that way since 1964.
But parents who walk their children to school say cars don’t always obey and they’ve seen some close calls with drivers nearly hitting children as they walk down the street. For that reason, parents want a sidewalk.
Amanda Nistor uses Clinton Avenue to get to and from home with her kids.
“A lot of times they don’t expect. as they turn, to see children walking down the street,” says Nistor. “We’ve had to yell out for them to make sure they get out of the way as cars are coming into the street.”
Homeowners on Clinton Avenue don’t want a sidewalk, fearing more traffic, a loss of property from any widening that will be needed and a belief that it’ll be less safe for children.
Ann Marie Agnello has lived on Clinton Avenue since 1987. She says it should be kept the way it is with the sign in place during school hours.
“A sidewalk is not going to keep these kids safe,” she says. “There’s never been any child hit or any pedestrian because there’s very few cars on the road at that time.”
Homeowners along Clinton Avenue say they would like to see a traffic study completed before any work is done. The plan is before Ridgewood officials.

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