Rep. Gottheimer warns congestion pricing could cost commuters more than originally thought

Rep. Josh Gottheimer warns that the proposed New York City congestion tax could cost commuters more than originally thought.
The Democratic congressman says that with fewer drivers, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey could lose more than $1 billion in the next decade.
He says that to combat the revenue loss, tolls could increase another $2, in addition to the congestion pricing. He says it would bring up costs to $25 per day for commuters or $5,500 a year to travel into Manhattan.
Gottheimer says important Port Authority projects could also be affected.
"The impact it's going to have on all these capital projects, our airports, our ports, and of course on the PATH train…do the math and you realize this is going to crush the Port Authority and crush Jersey commuters,” Gottheimer says.
The congressman recently announced plans for an anti-congestion tax bill to protect drivers.