Prosecutor: 12 men accused of using social media apps to solicit sex from kids

A dozen men are facing charges for allegedly using social media apps to try to solicit sex from children.
The Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office says that the men used the apps to talk with undercover officers pretending to be kids. Some of the men allegedly came from out of state for meetups.
Prosecutors say that parents need to watch what their kids are doing online, especially with children being online more often now because of distance learning.
"The civilians are our eyes and ears in law enforcement, the same is true for this stuff. Parents and kids, you're our eyes are ears. If something doesn't seem right or you don't know who’s trying to contact you in a Fortnite app or some sort of app, do not accept it and do not engage with them," said Somerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson.
The men face a variety of charges - from luring to endangering the welfare of a child.