Police: Thieves wanted in connection to 28 car burglaries across Bergen County

A string of car burglaries at Bergen County hotels are putting neighbors on high alert.
According to Mahwah police, 28 different cars' windows were smashed late Friday night. The thieves were able to get away with wallets, electronics and money from cars parked at four different hotel parking lots.
Some of the cars that were broken into were in the parking deck behind the Sheraton Crossroads Hotel just off Route 17.
Hotel staff at the Double Tree Hilton hotel in Mahwah also say at least one car was broken into on their property as well.
A pickup truck was in the parking lot with a garbage bag taped up on the window. Police had not confirmed as of Saturday night if it was linked to the thefts. Guests, however, were uneasy upon seeing it.
“It doesn’t make me feel good about leaving my car out here,” said Tom Famiglietti. “Not the most friendly and welcoming thing to see in the parking lot of the place you’re staying.”
“Park at your Own Risk” signs are posted in the hotel parking lot.
“This is where we’re staying and I hope nothing is going to happen again,” said Becky Reese. “I hope they did their damage and they won’t return.”
Neither police nor hotel management have released any sort of surveillance footage as the investigation continued as of Saturday night. Requests by News 12 to area hotel management on additional safety measures being taken had gone unanswered as well.
“That kind of thing is happening all over the country. It’s happening in the neighborhoods in Fort Worth as well, not just hotels,” Reese said. “But the smart thing to do obviously is to not leave anything in your car.”
Police advise drivers not to leave valuables out in plain sight and to park in well-lit areas.