Police: Secaucus couple scammed victims out of more than $2M across 9 states

Hakeem Lee and Majda Hodzic-Lee were arrested on March 27 and face multiple charges.

Matt Trapani

Mar 28, 2024, 9:33 PM

Updated 21 days ago


A Secaucus couple was accused of running a multistate scheme that scammed people out of more than $2 million.
Authorities say Hakeem Lee and Majda Hodzic-Lee scammed people across multiple states. They were caught when the United States Postal Service reported that a package containing $52,000 in money orders was being sent to the Lees’ home from a presumed elderly victim.
Officials say the couple told the victims they won the Publisher’s Clearing House lottery and to send money and gift cards to cover the fees.
The couple was arrested on Wednesday and charged with money laundering, conspiracy to commit theft and conspiracy to commit money laundering.
“These elaborate scams provide sources of income for criminals and it is extremely gratifying to make them answer for their crimes,” Secaucus Police Chief Dennis Miller wrote in a statement.
Officials say the victims came from various states, including Florida, Minnesota, Arizona, Kansas, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Nebraska.

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