Police: Lakewood man charged for carjacking following motel standoff

A Lakewood man is facing charges following an alleged carjacking and standoff at a Lakewood motel.
Harold Galloway, 52, was charged with carjacking, theft, and possession of controlled dangerous substances.
The owner of the Carasaljo Inn told News 12 that he doesn't know how Galloway entered one of the rooms, where he was allegedly hiding from police. He says the Galloway was not staying at the motel, and the room was allegedly occupied by someone else.
"The worker told me that. Someone ran. He parked the car in the forest and he ran here. They took him from here [Room] 208," says motel owner Moises Kimoni.
Lakewood police say the carjacking happened around 6 a.m. Thursday near the New Jersey Transit bus terminal near First Street and Lexington Avenue. Police determined Galloway was at the motel and the SWAT team was called in.
"I saw the caller ID. Didn't hear it. This is the Township of Lakewood police. They said the officers are doing an investigation. They wanted access to the camera,” says Kimoni.
Police obtained a search warrant and entered one of the rooms on the second floor. That's where they found Galloway. A 32-year-old female was also taken by police.
News 12 has learned that Galloway had a criminal record and is not a stranger to police. The relationship between him and the woman is unknown. Galloway is awaiting transport to the Ocean County Jail.
According to police data, there was a total of 14,320 cars stolen in New Jersey in 2021. Multiple reports show that more than 15,000 vehicles were stolen in 2022.