Plainfield Public School District: High school student stabbed in 'violent altercation' near Union County park

A Plainfield High School student was stabbed near a Union County park Wednesday afternoon.
Authorities have not been able to confirm to News 12 New Jersey if the victim is a student. However, the Plainfield Public School District confirmed in a statement that a student was involved in a “violent altercation" at a local park.
The district says the student was taken to the hospital and was immediately provided with emergency medical attention. It's unclear how that student is doing.
There was a heavy police presence searching a park on Randolph Road on Wednesday, just steps from Plainfield High School. Authorities say they have identified suspects.
The stabbing happened shortly after a loaded gun was found in a dumpster on the Cedarbrook K-8 Center Campus. It's unclear if the two incidents are related.
In a statement, the district said they are “deeply concerned about the recent incidents that have affected the safety of our students.”