Prosecutor: Ocean County officer charged for lying about guns he owned after restraining order

Matthew Curtis, 47, told authorities he gave up his weapons and signed a letter saying he sold three handguns before a temporary restraining order, but police say that turned out to be lie.

Lanette Espy

Feb 15, 2023, 5:01 PM

Updated 525 days ago


A police officer in Little Egg Harbor Township is said to have lied about the guns in his possession after a temporary restraining order was filed against him.
Prosecutors say Matthew Curtis, 47, was required to surrender to law enforcement any guns that he owned or possessed before the restraining order was issued against him on May 11, 2022. On that date, Curtis surrendered several weapons to law enforcement.
Two days later, prosecutors say Curtis authored and signed a letter advising law enforcement that he had sold three handguns that were registered to him prior to the issuance of the restraining order, and indicated he no longer owned those weapons. However, prosecutors say Curtis remained the registered owner of the subject handguns.
On Dec. 11, 2022, Curtis filed a report with the Little Egg Harbor Police Department, asserting that three handguns were stolen from his unlocked personal vehicle in front of his home.
Prosecutors say one of the guns Curtis claimed to have sold was stolen from his car and then recovered on a suspected car thief in Essex County.
Curtis was suspended with pay from his detective position at the Island Heights Police Department. He is facing multiple charges, including providing a false report to law enforcement authorities.

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