Nutley police: Thief entered woman's home while she showered, stole purse

Police say the home invasion happened on Raymond Avenue around 10 a.m. Monday.

Tony Caputo

Oct 11, 2023, 10:03 AM

Updated 283 days ago


Police in Nutley are warning residents about an increase in burglaries after a thief entered a home while a woman was showering.
Police say it happened on Monday around 10 a.m. on Raymond Avenue. They say the woman was in the shower when she heard loud knocking at her front door.
They say when the woman got out of the shower, she found her back door open and her purse missing.
According to police, this is just another brazen act by thieves looking to steal expensive luxury vehicles parked in driveways. They say thieves are now entering homes while residents are present.
Police have added patrols and, in some cases, implemented undercover operations leading to at least five arrests in the past several weeks.

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