North Carolina man sentenced to life in prison for murdering Orange resident in 2021

Essex County prosecutors say a man from North Carolina will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing a man from Orange.
Prosecutors say James Height, 54, shot Renown Wilson in June 2021. At the time of the shooting, Height was out of prison for a year after serving 25 years for aggravated manslaughter.
Wilson, 55, of Orange, was first shot in the stomach. Authorities say Height then chased Wilson and shot him again, grazing his neck. Wilson died a month later from his injuries.
The two men supposedly knew each other for years. Prosecutors say Height lived in Wilson’s house for some time as Wilson helped him find a job. They say Height moved to Salisbury, North Carolina, after an argument but then later returned, shot and killed Wilson.
Back in August, a jury found Height guilty of manslaughter and gun charges. He was convicted in a subsequent proceeding of possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.