'Our Subway Baby': NJ man pens children’s book about how his adopted son entered his life

A New Jersey author is telling the story of his miracle son and how their family came to be by chance in a New York City subway.
“I kind of get emotional all over again because I am back in the place and time,” says Pete Mercurio, author of “Our Subway Baby.”
Mercurio and his partner Danny Stewart became parents about 20 years ago after Stewart found a newborn baby on the subway.
Mercurio is a Westfield High School and Montclair State graduate. His book is a direct address to his son Kevin who is now in college.
Adoption can be a grueling process for many couples that can take years. Kevin’s adoption took only a few months.
A judge saw the news about how Stewart found the baby and thought that they belonged together.
"The attorney that called him into court didn't have any of his contact information. She went through the White Pages for a week calling every Danny Stewart,” Mercurio says. "If she's not persistent in trying to find him, we're not parents.
The couple had not previously planned to adopt a baby. They were in their early 30s at the time and only had one conversation about it. But years later, they say that they are filled with gratitude for how things played out.
Mercurio says that his family’s story is about being open to life’s possibilities.