Jersey Proud: New World War I memorial created in New Jersey

It has been nine years in the marking – the last five at a warehouse in Englewood.
The project is one that not many people knew about, but this fall, the world will have a new World War I memorial – made in New Jersey.
News 12 New Jersey was given an exclusive look as they packed the clay figurines onto a truck. They are headed to England to be cast in bronze.
The memorial has been the singular occupation of renowned sculptor Sabin Howard, who was commissioned to create the memorial nine years ago.
"I was told clearly in the beginning, ‘Make something that's not boring, that an eighth grader can get,” Howard says.
What he created is already being called one of the greatest monuments to veterans in United States history.
The monument will debut on Sept. 13 in Pershing Park right by the White House, just off the National Mall.