New Jersey residents divided on new push for digital version of driver’s licenses

New Jersey could be closer to getting digital driver’s licenses.
News 12’s Lauren Due talked to drivers to find out their opinions about the new push. Some drivers like it, but others don't. And some drivers had no idea this could become a thing.

Here's what to know

The Senate Transportation Committee voted to push forward a bill that requires the Motor Vehicle Commission to issue IDs through an app. Now the bill needs a full Senate vote.
Under the bill, drivers would be able to update their information right away instead of getting in line at the DMV. There would also be no need to wait for a license in the mail. There could also be a fee for digital IDs.
There are privacy concerns. However, there could be options to only show certain information that you would like – such as only your age.
The bill states that digital driver's licenses could take up to 72 months or six years.