Neighbor: Woman who stranded worker dislikes idling vehicles

The neighbor of a woman who allegedly left a cable TV worker stranded in the air says she was probably angry about a vehicle idling near her home, based on previous incidents.
Elena Gerlihman, 59, of Ridgewood, faces multiple charges, including false imprisonment.
The Optimum worker told police Gerilhman had climbed into her utility van and turned the ignition off, stranding her in the air for around five to 10 minutes.
Neighbor Rene Mendoza says a similar incident occurred a few years ago after an ice cream truck idled by Gerlihman's home, prompting her to steal the truck's keys.
The utility said Friday it was thankful the worker was not injured.
Gerilhman said Thursday police and the worker are making the story up.
Optimum is owned by Altice USA - the parent company of News 12 New Jersey.
The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.