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Global shell art movement, initiated in New Jersey, brightens days worldwide

Diane Roselli has sparked a global trend. Her kindness has resonated globally, brightening days from Alaska to Italy.

News 12 Staff

Aug 10, 2023, 7:31 AM

Updated 316 days ago


Local artist Diane Roselli, of Seaside Park, is using her creativity to start a global trend and bring joy to the masses.
Roselli and her husband hide decorated shells along the local shore, transforming simple shells into vibrant artworks. Her pieces range from images of sea turtles and whales to sunflowers and gnomes.
Kesslyn Smith, a resident, compared finding one of Roselli's shells to "winning the lottery." Each shell carries an invitation on the back, requesting the finder to post a photo to the Facebook group Jersey Shore Shells. With over 35,000 followers, this digital scrapbook records the shells' global journey.
Painted shells originating from New Jersey are now found worldwide, including in Ireland, Alaska, and Italy. This surprising reach has inspired others, like Smith, to take up the mantle, painting and hiding their shells.
Roselli commented, "The joy of knowing that one of my shells was found and made someone's day, even in another country, is just an incredible feeling."
The uplifting trend illustrates how a small act of kindness, like a message on a painted shell, can bring joy to anyone's day anywhere in the world.

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