'It just does my soul good': Korean War veteran makes cross necklaces for hundreds

A Korean War veteran from Melville is on a mission to brighten the lives of others by creating necklaces.
Bob Templeton, 90, is a Navy vet and a great grandfather, but says he still is trying to enjoy life.
He flew radio-controlled planes for target practice in Korea and then moved to Long Island where he ran and owned a military defense company.
Now retired, Templeton makes cross necklaces out of horseshoe nails.
"I buy 500 at a time...I make the first bend on the 250 and then I go from there," Templeton says.
He says he has given away more than 1,800 cross necklaces over eight years.
He says he never charges anybody a nickel for the creation.
"Anybody open the door for me, hold the door me, I give them a cross," Templeton says. "I've got thank you notes from all over the country."
His family says they are proud of him for finding something that gives him great joy and spreads love and joy wherever he goes.
Templeton says he hopes that God appreciates what he is doing.
"Maybe that's why he's keeping me around this long--because I'm making the crosses," Templeton says. "It just does my soul good, does my heart good to see people enjoying them."
He says he tell people to either wear the cross or hang it up where they can see it every day.