Homeowner: 4 thieves break into Montclair home to steal keys, BMW parked in driveway

A family says four car thieves are wanted for breaking into a Montclair home around 6 a.m. Monday.
The homeowner says the suspects grabbed the key fob for a BMW parked in the driveway, all while the family of four was asleep upstairs.
Surveillance video from cameras on the home shows the suspects, who appear to be teenagers. They go around to the back of the house and gain entry through a door.
The suspects grabbed two key fobs and proceeded to move one of the homeowner's cars so they could get to the BMW. The other car that was left behind was an electric-powered Hyundai IONIQ 5.
The homeowner spoke to News 12 about what happened but did not want to share her identity.
“We didn’t realize it until we woke up and looked outside the window, which was 20 minutes later,” the homeowner said. “We were just starting to wake up, starting our day. We have two kids getting ready to start the routine and get them ready.”
She says when the thieves gained entry, they took only a few minutes to find the keys.
“My purse was in our dining room on a chair and my purse had the sets of keys since it was both our cars that were moved,” she says.
In many cases, stolen cars end up at Port Newark and are shipped overseas. United States Customs and Border Patrol says that on Thursday, seven stolen cars were recovered from containers at the port. All were headed for West Africa.