Hoboken residents push back on calls to move cars during snowstorms

A plea from the city of Hoboken to move cars off the streets during snowstorms is being met with some resistance.
Parking in Hoboken is not always easy, especially with snow covering parking spots.
Hoods, windshields, and wheels of cars are still covered with snow and ice on Monroe Street. The city says it's time to move the cars so the plows can get through and make more parking spaces.
"It has to be cleared out sometime, and it's been quite a long time. I feel like how long do you wait really?" says Meredith Hayes, of Hoboken.
Some complain that there's nowhere to park that is convenient. Others just want another week, which is being offered in Jersey City.
"It's not helpful for anyone when you see things like this knowing people are circling for hours trying to find a spot for a night," says Brianne-Thompson-Martin, of Hoboken.
Officials say drivers can expect a $50 ticket if they don't move their car.