High winds blow through Neptune City & Scotch Plains, leaving extensive damage

High winds blew through in a matter of minutes in Neptune City, leaving extensive damage in its wake.
A large part of the roof of the Neptune Motor Lodge was blown off, and cars were damaged by flying debris.
Viraj Ajmera, of the Neptune Motor Lodge, said it was "terrifying" experience. He said he saw sparks flying and yelled at relatives to stay sheltered in place.
He said he saw objects being tossed around the parking lot and described the damage as "something out of a movie."
His sister Riya Ajmera said saw lights flickering inside the lodge, a light pole go down and flashing as the building started shaking.
Both Viraj and Riya Ajmera said the lodge's customers are OK, but the back of building is damaged.
An official for Monmouth County Office of Emergency Management said boats from the Shark River nearby were tossed around.
He said one minor injury was also reported.
The National Weather Service will determine if it was a tornado that went through the area.
Meanwhile over into Scotch Plains, emergency crews left for the evening after some cleanup.
A tree fell into a home on Portland Avenue -- but a woman told News 12 New Jersey that the homeowner, her grandfather, is OK. She said he was sitting watching television when the tree fell into the side of the house.
There is still plenty of debris, and a good part of the block was without power.
PSE&G will determine how long it will take to restore power.
There were no reported injuries in that community.