Gov. Murphy tours flood-damaged Lodi as residents continue cleanup

Cleanup efforts continue across New Jersey as many home and business owners face flood damage from Tuesday’s storm. The heavy rain is causing river flooding across the state. Some rivers have not yet crested, leaving many residents on edge waiting for the flooding.
People in Lodi are trying to clean up, sift through insurance forms and get answers as they brace themselves for Mother Nature's next move.
Ambrosia Garcia has lived in Lodi for over 30 years. She says she’s experienced it all when it comes to flooding. Tuesday night’s storm brought flooding but last month's storm cleared out her basement
“We had all the basement filled with water so whatever we have there…we had to replace. We had to take it out, so now I don't have nothing,” says Garcia.
For most of Wednesday into the evening, the streets of Lodi were hard to navigate because many of them were closed due to flooding.
Gov. Phil Murphy and State Police Superintendent Col. Patrick Callahan surveyed the damage in the area and talked about short-term and long-term plans for flood mitigation.
“And that is projects such as dredging, such as doubling the size of drainage pipes, such as retention ponds similar to what we did in the water retention space in Hoboken which takes those waters and funnels them into places away from homes,” Callahan said.
The governor also reminded residents that several of New Jersey’s rivers will be cresting in the coming days, so they should be prepared.
“Don't tempt fate. Don't tempt Mother Nature by going down a street which says don't come here cause it's flooded or stay in your house if you feel like the water is rising above you,” Murphy said.
Garcia, who is used to getting the run around after a flood event, is debating whether or not she wants to stay in Lodi.
“I'll try to see what they're going to say and then what they're going to tell me if I sell the house to them,” she says. ”I don't know yet.”
Bergen County got about 4 inches of rain in a short amount of time.