Historic Glimmer Glass Bridge closed between Brielle and Manasquan until July 1 for safety repairs

The bridge is closed for repairs after a routine inspection found a variety of problems including support beam issues.

Tony Caputo and Lanette Espy

Jun 19, 2024, 10:20 AM

Updated 32 days ago


Repair the historic Glimmer Glass Bridge in Monmouth County or replace it all together? This is what some officials in Monmouth County are considering as the bridge is temporarily closed for emergency repairs during the start of the busy shore season.
The county owns and operates the bridge that dates back to 1898. The bridge has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 2008 and runs along Fisk Avenue between Brielle and Manasquan. It is used by many beachgoers as a gateway to the sand. But now, it's closed for repairs to vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic through at least July 1 after a routine inspection found a variety of problems including support beam issues.
The work is expected to take up to three weeks, with officials hoping it can reopen by July 4. A specific plan is still not in place.
"My fellow commissioners and I do not want to have repairs made now and then find out that more work is needed in a few weeks, months, etc. Since the bridge is already closed, let's figure out if more work needs to be done and get it done now,” said Monmouth County Commissioner Tom Arnone.
A 3-ton limit is posted on the bridge. There has been significant talk to replace the bridge as many emergency vehicles are too heavy to cross it. Back in August 2014, the bridge was closed due to significant damage to sections of the bridge deck, which appeared to have been caused by a severe truck overload.
Road closed signs cut off traffic to Glimmer Glass Bridge. (News 12 photo/Tony Caputo)
Many people continue to fight to save the Glimmer Glass as it's the only one of its kind on the East Coast and possibly in the entire country.
"Obviously, I’m sympathetic to the history. I grew up in this town. This is a beautiful bridge. It’s part of this town. The reality is that the one we’re going to replace it with is going to use the same technology that put it on the historic registry in the first place. There have been so many repairs to this bridge overtime. Very little of it is original," said Manasquan Mayor Michael Mangan.
Watch below as Mayor Michael Mangan discusses the repairs needed on the bridge:

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