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Georgia man accused in Franklin Township motel shooting found guilty

Eder Gelin held the victim and her two children at gunpoint for over an hour while inside a hotel in Franklin Township, officials say.

Lanette Espy

Jan 30, 2024, 2:50 PM

Updated 143 days ago


A man from Georgia was found guilty Monday of attempted murder and other charges related to an incident at a hotel in Franklin Township in August 2022.
They say Eder Gelin, 40, shot a 37-year-old woman three times in and around the hotel located on World's Fair Drive as the victim attempted to flee. Officials say Gelin knew the victim.
According to officials, an investigation revealed Gelin had been drinking alcohol and become irate and threatening toward the victim. They say Gelin brandished a handgun and held the victim at gunpoint in the presence of her two children for over an hour while inside the hotel room.
Gelin shot the woman as she tried to escape from him, officials say. The woman suffered from gunshot wounds to her hip and foot.
Gelin was found guilty on multiple charges, including first degree attempted murder, kidnapping, possession of a weapon and endangering the welfare of a child. He's scheduled to be sentenced with the Somerset County Superior Court on March 8.

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