Fairfield police offer tips to protect your vehicles amid uptick in car thefts

Fairfield police are providing tips on how to protect your vehicles after two attempted car burglaries in the township Thursday morning.
Police say they are working to determine if the incidents are related. They say this is the second time someone has recently tried to break into a car in the area.
Officials say they know that someone was successful in their attempt to burglarize a car on Ramyak Drive.
A suspect was caught on camera trying to break into another car in a residential driveway across town. Video shows a person approach the car outside of a home on Green Meadows Road. The man inspects the car and appears to pull the handle in the driver's side door before fleeing the scene.
Burglars often look for easy targets like unattended and easily accessible cars. Something as simple as locking your vehicle could be enough to deter someone from breaking in.