Fairfield police: Arrest warrant for Sacred Heart University crash says driver was using roommate's car

Nearly a month after a crash outside Sacred Heart University sent six to the hospital, police have made an arrest. Police say this is the only arrest expected in the crash.
The arrest warrant, obtained by News 12, stated that the car driven by 19-year-old Tyler Delk belonged to his roommate – who had not given him permission to drive it.
Police said Delk, who’s a Sacred Heart student, was speeding - and intoxicated - before losing control.
Delk’s release conditions include no driving.
“That’s a rare occasion to see that kind of speed in that area,” said Lt. Ed Nook.
Jefferson Street is a 25 mph zone. Police say Delk was driving 85 mph, impaired, in the early morning of Sept. 29 when he lost control and struck another car - an Uber carrying four other Sacred Heart students. All six involved were hospitalized with serious injuries.
“The Sacred Heart students that took the Uber made the right decision. And unfortunately, there was one person that didn't make the right decision, and it affected four families,” said Nook.
Police said Delk’s blood alcohol content was 10 times the underage limit. 
“His blood alcohol level was a 0.20,” said Nook.
Delk is the only one who remains in the hospital. Police charged him there Tuesday with DUI, reckless driving, five counts each, assault with a motor vehicle and reckless endangerment.
Police say although the investigation is complete, its impact is still felt.
“Everyone focuses on that evening, those late-morning hours, but there's a lot of aftermaths, and a lot of phone calls and concerned students,” Nook said. “People were calling out of state wondering if their family members were involved in that accident because they hadn’t heard from them.”
Police are thanking those who were present the night of the crash, which included university personnel and concerned citizens - for their role in saving lives.
“We’re all in it together, we’re in a community like this. And I think that five people walking out of the hospital, that was a part of it,” said Nook.
Delk was released on $250,000 bond from the hospital. He will be in court when he is medically cleared.