Busy East Rutherford intersection to undergo improvements ahead of 2026 World Cup at MetLife Stadium

Bergen County and East Rutherford are working together to improve pedestrian safety and the flow of traffic.

Tony Caputo

May 15, 2024, 9:58 AM

Updated 8 days ago


As World Cup fever continues to grow in New Jersey, Bergen County and East Rutherford officials are looking to improve the flow of traffic and congestion.
Officials are working on installing a traffic light at the corner of Hackensack Street and Union Avenue in East Rutherford which includes a semi-actuated traffic light equipped with vehicle detection technology. This means the main road's signal stays green until a side street detector makes a call for service, similar to when someone presses the walk signal for crossing on foot.
The widening of Hackensack Street will accommodate a designated right turn lane from Union Avenue, and the relocation of the Winters Place bus stop to just north of Union Avenue with a designated cut-out to help alleviate traffic back up.
County and borough officials entered into a shared service agreement for design and installation. Once installed, it’s expected to greatly improve safety for those on foot as well as the flow of traffic along Hackensack Street. This intersection is just one block away from Route 17 and is among the busiest intersections in East Rutherford.

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